Stuck on Repeat

Not for the want of repeating myself over time but let me take this opportunity….here is one we made earlier….lets begin by sampling some of the best….a bird in the hand……cliches abound our everyday life….
Tuesday nights have turned into one of those regulars where I get to avoid a lot of horrible TV that my wife loves to watch. Every tuesday night seems to turn into my own personal Groundhog day with me tut tutting at the inevitable schedule that is to be laid out before me….a happy life is what’s needed and I try to keep mum for the duration. Sometimes, I use it to my advantage by attending to other matters like my blogging duties and gathering of music or reading my pile of books. At the moment I am researching all to do with Espana and have picked up some interesting reads from our local library. One such book is a story of a remote mountain farm in Las Alpujarras written by Chris Stewart. I have read 2 of his books already and just devoured them each time….however….the 3rd book that I got is the 2nd in the series so I may be returning to old ground but …I just love the way he writes about his life and the adventures of his family…..If you ever stumble across the first book ‘Driving over Lemons’, just grab it and you will not regret it!
Anyway….I seem to be just blabbering on about nothing….the one reason I started writing was to share some music that I had been listening to ….this song I have selected needs to be played on headphones to be truly appreciated at full blast… just sound so familiar but unique at the same time….I’ll let it speak for itself…there’s no video with it but the sounds are amazing….enjoy!!!


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