Hello…can you hear me?

I have always enjoyed the live experience, of seeing the band you love for the very first time….in concert….in front of you…actually playing their instruments live!! Feeling the thump of the bass travel through your core at the crescendo of an almighty tune….that feeling of euphoria that you don’t get from a CD. That rare moment when you look around during a gig and see the mesmerized faces of the other punters. They are experiencing exactly what you are feeling…the same sounds and visuals and noise and sweat and the overwhelming sheer joy of being alive at a live gig.
Not all gigs are like this ….some can leave you with a strong desire to run screaming but now is not the time for recriminations. Think back to those first moments at your very 1st live gig….that special moment in your life. I’m not talking about the school choir or a the local pipe band. I’m talking about that communal club of pure and utter wowness.
One of these days I will have to do a ‘list’ of the bands that I have seen….a near impossible task due to the fact that even though I was present physically at some gigs….I really wasn’t there in my mind for a lot of them…..
One band that always pops into my head is ‘Rollerskate Skinny’ in the Village in Cork circa 1994. What a night that was!!! I can remember that moment like it was yesterday, but if you asked me how many were in the band or if there was a big crowd at the gig or such a question as to describe the band and what they looked like…..well…..I did remember that wailing sound that they had though…almost ghostlike and spiritual in some kind of way. I would have loved to have seen them play but……not that night!!!!

I forgot to tell you all that I purchased tickets to see Richard Hawley at the end of this month in the Pav….so I look forward to actually being present at this one…..looking forward a great deal to seeing this fellow. His music has followed me for years and has always being in the background to my life…a virtual soundtrack as I have probably said before but it’s so true. I have to go to bed now but before I put my head on that soft pillow I will have to take you back to the Village in 1994….my hair was longer and my face was tighter of skin ….have I changed much since those heady days……?
You bet ya!! This is not Rollerskate Skinny but they have a close connection and every time I hear this song it acts as a time machine which transfers me directly back to the middle of the dance floor of Sir Henry’s each Friday night losing myself to the music. What a magnificent tune…….What a magnificent time…..


One thought on “Hello…can you hear me?

  1. I think the earliest, most memorable concert for me was Supertramp and Procol Harem…I was about 14…it was the ‘Crime of the Century’ tour. It was the first really big gig I had ever been to on my own without my parents and it literally blew me away…I’m sure there was some other substances at work too but I’ll always remember how powerful it was to be part of the crowd in awe of the sights and sounds.

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