Adios Amigos

Tomorrow we will be heading off on our journey….the train to Dublin…stay overnight and take a flight to Santiago de Compostella to begin our trek into the unknown. It’s been a stange few days leading up to the departure….the anticipation of whats ahead has taken over all my thoughts. What lays ahead for us in this new and strange land. Can you imagine how those first pilgrims must have felt on that arduous journey so long ago. They didn’t have the luxury of Hitec walking shoes on there feet or the luxuries of life that we take for granted today. I don’t know about many of you but until I am on the plane sitting on my seat…strapped in to my seat slowly making our way to take off….stop for a moment…..wait for the go ahead from the tower…listen to those engines fire up…slap on the throttle and feel yourself being clung to your seat as the plane takes on a life of its own…..speeding up the runway….looking at the others on the plane….feeling there trepidation permeating from every pore of their body….little questions behind their eyes …what if we don’t make it?…what if the engines fail?…what if a flock of seagulls fly into the engines?….what if a volcano erupts mid flight??…..getting faster now….much faster…grip tight to your sit……your whole body is shaking with fright….and then you lift off ever so gently….defying nature….defying gravity….your flying….your on your HOLIDAYS!!!! This is the moment of reckoning as you glide through the clouds as if it were an every day occurence for you….’I just love to fly…don’t you’….
Over the next few days I intend to take gazillions of snaps of our trip and some sounds of the countryside also. Hopefully they will turn out ok….Be positive, Paudie….Everything is going to be great….Walter Mitty mode for a split second….I’ll never forget that time we travellled to Gallicia for a pilgrimige ….the food we ate…the people we met…the conversations we had …what a beautiful place….we laughed and cried….do remember the time we…oh and who could forget that special moment….oh yes and such a wonderful place to be at the most perfect time of year. To think that it was nearly 30 years ago….so much has changed since those halcyon days but I wouldn’t swop those cherished memories for all the tea….my father and I together in Spain…his laughter and stories and the look in his eye and the appreciation he had for such a place …for such a journey…for the people….the light…the whole new perspective on life…Who would have thought that at his age that he would be making such a life changing adventure. It just goes to show you that life is for living and as long as you have your physical and mental wits about you…sure why not take a leap of faith into the unknown even at such at late stage in your life.
I’m getting carried away now ….just trying to set the mood for whats ahead. I’m trying not to think of the separation from my wife and kids. Some people say that I will be having a ball without them but…..let it be known that everything I do in this life has been sahred with my wife and kids so far. So it is with a ‘slightly’ heavy heart that I can’t turn around to my wife to share a special moment or to be able to lift up the girls to see the view ahead. However, if this trip does turn out to be all that I expect….we all will return in the future when the girls are able for such a monumental walk.
I hope that you will follow me on the way of Santiago and give me the encouragement that I need along the way. See ya soon…all!!!


One thought on “Adios Amigos

  1. Well, well, well here you go! How thrilling for you and pa. It was exactly a year ago that my da and I were waking up in Dublin not really believing we were there in the country we had only dreamed of. I also felt a twinge of guilt, not having my husband by my side but also knowing that someone had to be here to look after the farm. I felt that it’s an act of absolute love to let someone live a dream such as this. I know one day we’ll make the trip together and all the more exciting to show him all that I discovered. I have more reason than ever now that I have found O’Gorman (my da’s da) records dating back to 1710 in Kilrush,Co.Clare! So srtap yourself in and take flight. I am looking forward to some great rambling tales when you return…have a great trip.

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