El Camino Day 4

Getting kind of hard to find a pc but we will try our damnedest to get through to the people. Yesterday as I said already I walked alone for halfwayish until I met my father and then we made the hike into Azuro. The 2nd section seemed to be the harder part of the journey …hills with long descents ….a killler on the toes….but very beautiful places and views. If I was to give an impression of what it is like….very like Switzerland…very Heidi like….lots of bells and people in the fields diggign manure….lettuces and cabbages…onions and all sorts.
As I speak my Dad is talking to a Dutch couple who have cycled all the way from Holland…2400 kms…..not a bother!!! The best part of the whole experience is meeting the people along the way. You can look at all the cabbbages and ploghed fields that you want……but waht are they without the human touch to add that lustre and flavour…


Halfway There


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