Last Day of Camino

I know I haven´t been updating on a daily basis but that is not my fault…
Today was a really mucky wet miserable day to walk 20 km to Santiago de Comp on your own …up and gone by 7am to reach here by 11.30am….not bad for a city boy….a really emotional day for me…feeling sorry for myself in more ways than I can admit but at least I have reached my destination. I really miss my family…Niamh…Clodagh…Eabha….I try not to think of them along the hard bits or else I end up close to tears. The only thing that makes me step back and not feel sorry for myself is a woman named Mary who we met at the beginning…she has accompanied us at various stages along the way…..She did the same route as me today…..I really found it tough ….on my own….soaked through…and she did it too…this girl is in her 70´s….we met her tonight in a restaurant and boy was she destitute….a lot like me. , I suppose. I´m glad my Dad went ahead by Taxi…I don´t think he would have made…that or he would have done some damage. I just couldn´t have done it to him. Fair play to him for doing what he has done.
I´ll be off to bed soon for a nice well needed rest…..This bloody computer wont load my photos so I will leave it till later. Adios


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