Santiago with Cheese

It´s funny being in a city that you haven´t been before. Trying to get used to the layout of the streets….an urban area with a big population and different hours of living. These people are the kind of people that only come out in the evening time. The mornings are quiet and you feel as if you have landed in a ghost town and then ….as if from the gutter the place arises from the ashes. The streets are full….people dashing to and fro….waiting for buses…old and young…a cosmopolitan city. This is not something that I am used to. I have always thought that I was a city boy but I think I have been mistaken. I´m small change….this place is buziing at night. I have only seen a small section of the town but each time I see something new. TOnight on our way home from a nice few Tapas with Mary and her son & girlfriend….I noticed a jazz club…the sounds wafting up from the cellar. Restaurants full fo people chatting …still a city pulsing with life. I found out tonight that there are nearly 35000 students living in this city alone ….and the city is a better place for it…..
Every time you enter a bar for a beer they give you some form of Tapas…some cheese or pasta or salami….you just would not get that in Ireland…and the smoke filled bars is also a hark back to years ago in Ireland…How did we put up with it? It does add a certain kind of coool to the bars though. I´d love to be able to show some of the photos but you will all just have to wait.
As I sat chatting at the table with Marys son about our travels on the Camino….reminiscing of the hardships and laughs we had along the way….it softened my initial last day impressions of the whole journey. It is not an easy journey by any means but well worth it for all the little trimmings on the side plate…..
Mary commented to Jack that he would never stop bragging to all his friends when and if he got back to Ireland. It was a fantastic achievement for him after all…..but all Jack could say was that all his friends were well passed on at this stage. Kinda sad I know but at least he had it to share with me and rest assured I will not let anyone forget about these wonderful moments in both our lives!!


2 thoughts on “Santiago with Cheese

  1. I remember being in Madrid and feeling very discombobulated with the schedule of the Spanish…trying to find anything open at 2 in the afternoon was impossible then when we were hitting the hay, they would just begin to awake! One night we found ourselves in the Theatre district and it was like the whole population of Madrid was there. I suppose because they all live in flats without yards or gardens, it’s their way of ‘getting’ out. Can’t wait to see some snaps…I can’t believe they still smoke there in the bars! That was one of the reasons we couldn’t stand the night life there…gag.

  2. well it was great to meet u paudie and your dad who is great craic, i enjoyed the few beers and the over all experience of the camino, even though the km`s are a bit out, at the last stage. My legs, feet and knees are still recovering but i have to hand it to my da who did the whole walk and he has just turned 70 as he told you he has wanted to walk the camino for over 40 years and probably never thought it would happen but he did it and i have to say i really enjoyed his company, well except at night when he snored for ireland or as your dad would say he cut a few trees down last night. we got home fine apart from bit of a delay at the airport great to be home safe travels to you and your dad i am sure your mad to see Niamh and the girls best wishes tony( thats not 70 yet)

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