Clicking onto Chickens

I’m upstairs clicking away on my tube looking out for new events, blogs, info about anything…. the door slightly ajar…..listening to the conversation between my wife and her mother downstairs.
They seem to be talking about the constantly changing diet of the kids….Niamh mentions to her mother that our 2 have stopped eating chicken for some reason….her theory being that they have associated the real life chickens that their Auntie Aine has with….wait for it…chicken!!!! I suppose they always thought that chicken came from the supermarket store and never considered that it was the funny looking bird that they chased around their Aunties garden. Now they have the knowledge which they did not possess before….the situation has changed somewhat.
A new challenge for us….disguise the chicken as something else perhaps….suggestions please to this space….for the sake of the poor ‘childer’, like!!!


One thought on “Clicking onto Chickens

  1. I remember the first time I realized that ‘chicken’ was an animal was coming home on the subway with my grandma and seeing a lady with 2 live ones, heads poking out of a shopping bag. When I asked her what their names were she told me “Sunday dinner and Monday lunch” I just about fell over! With my nieces and nephews, they have learned from our farm that if an animal has a good life it tastes better. I believe this as well (of course we don’t get into the gorrey details of the ‘end’ with them) I guess you could shred the chicken and put it in spaghetti sauce….

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