Islanders at Rest

Here are some of the snaps from our weekend…..

Ferry to Cape Clear

Our home away from home

Campsite Friends

The local craft shop

Since we have returned from our little expedition, we are determined to make the most of the summer we have. Tomorrow there will be a spin into the local Aldi shop to puchase some additional camping equipment. I forgot to mention that we did not have the luxury of a camping stove for the weekend….a lot of wasted money on eating out will be minimised with this purchase. An electric cooler box is also on the list. I hope the weather stays mild for the summer with some hotspots thrown in for good measure. Niamh has even been looking forward to future camping adventures already. She was always on the fence about sleeping in a tent but last weekend has seen her well and truly off the fence happily on the side of the hippy way of holidaying. Her brother referred to her as Eco Warrior Niamh on her return due to her bedraggled appearance after the long weekend. All we are short now is a few drops of tea tree oil to help us on our way. Check out the cool website if you feel like going to this wonderful part of the world.


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