Exile on a Sunny Beach

On Sunday we all took a spin to beach for Daddy’s day. It wasn’t necessarily for that day but it happened to coincide with such a wonderful day. Where will we go? What will we bring? Did you pack the…..I hope you didn’t forget the…..Where is my phone? The sun cream for the girls….for God’s sake hurry up girls…..Is everybody ready…and we were off. Off to the kingdom….the ever green….the abrupt mountains…..the winding roads….the long beaches…..golden sands…..small cottages…unseen treasures….Look at the donkey….what a wonderful thatch…..Where are we now mammy…..Are we there yet?
I just love Kerry…there is no other way to say it…I must have a bit of Kerry blood in me somewhere….Aren’t they so lucky to have what they have on there doorstep….You can see it in their eyes….the cool as can be attitude of take it or leave it, but way down deep in their heart of hearts they are so proud of the little treasure that they have on their doorstep.
The best thing about going to the beach is that all the fun…sand …sandcastles ….games …swimming….splashing…lazing….it’s all free…free I tell you. You half expect someone on the dunes to be charging a nominal entrance free…..half price for the kids….no…..it’s all free…free fun in the sun. Of course I forgot to take any photos because I was having so much fun but next weekend I will be heading down there for 2 nights and you will be supplied with the required snaps. Here are other memories of holidays in the kindom kingdom….one of my first posts…actually an email to my sister in law Roisin that I posted…


3 thoughts on “Exile on a Sunny Beach

  1. My dad and I were enchanted by the kingdom…Muckross Abbey, the winding roads, the lovely town of Killarney, the lakes…sounds like you had a beautiful day. Have a great holiday next week.

  2. kerry’s blog led me here. i hope i am not intruding, but i wanted to say your blog captivates me in the same way that kerry’s has.

    regarding your post on chicken: my own daughter avoids chicken- but loves chicken enchiladas baked in cheese sauce, soft tortillas, chili peppers.

    i’ll be back for more.

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