100 Stories

This will be my 100 post on End of Era. What will I write about? How will I mark the occasion? Look how much I have written. I had to check the date of my 1st post 4/4/09….imagine that. Who would have thought that I would still be here with my fingers floating over these well worn keys. I must be an addict. Yes…I am definitely hooked at this stage in the game. As I reread some of my older posts I realise how much my life has changed in some ways and not at all in others. I still have my health and am happy with my lot. Very happy really. How many people can really say such a thing. People ask you the question on a daily basis but how many of us sit down and really ask the question of ourselves. “How am I?”…To be able to look at your life in an analytical fashion and come up trumps is a very lucky thing indeed. I can honestly say that my life is pretty ok at the moment….somtimes more than ok and sometimes really, really cool. I can’t remember the last day that I was really pissed off with my lot. We all have our moments of “woe is me” but in general…..Life’s pretty good round here.
How long will this last for? Who knows what may lay waiting around the corner but lets hope that day is far off in the distance. For my 100th birthday post I’d like each and every one out there to let me know how you all feel and be honest with yourselves. I don’t want any congratulations or anything….just a bit of a chat about your life today…..How’s it going? I hope that what I have written has brought joy and something for you all to think about in this life of ours. Thats why I do it….to stir emotions…to get a reaction….to entertain!! I hope that has been the case!!

I never got to mention the gigs I went to last weekend ….Grizzly Bear, Midlake on Friday night and Paul Weller on Sunday night ….really good gigs they were too. This has been my first time seeing Grizzly Bear and Midlake. They did not disappoint….Only for Ciara over on Milkmoon I would probably never have heard of these bands….Thank you Ciara.
Paul Weller was equally as impressive…I’ve been a fan of his for years and he always gives a great performance. It took me nearly a week to recover from the 2 nights but it was worth it in the end. Ladies and Gentlemen….Grizzly Bear…


One thought on “100 Stories

  1. You always stir a comment from me…today I feel good. Dog and I out for our early morning walk, which is my form of meditation,church, solving the worlds problems etc….yesterday was a bit of a shite show A: because I had to work and it was a gorgeous gardening day and B:because my dog accidentally stepped on two baby bunnies while on our walk and killed them both(the mom bunny not too bright and building her warren in the middle of a well worn path) but honestly I am a happy sort. My life is not what I thought at this stage but has shown many great surprises along the way. I love to see the world through these eyes and love to see what others are experiencing in their lives through blogging. I can’t imagine how many photos I’ve taken in the last few years (thank goodness it’s not film to develop!) I feel lucky to have found out so much more about where and who I come from( I feel a much stronger connection to the past than ever), lucky to have withstood the slings and arrows of marriage and come out still in love after 12 years….cheers for your thought provoking,entertaining 100 posts. You really are a writer in the true sense. p.s thanks for the Irish name lesson, lovely names.

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