101 Face your Fears

The number 101 signifies all sorts of things for all sorts of people……its the coolest of palandromatic numbers and has all the conotations of hip….just say it….. 101….it’s one of those numbers that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Many’s the band that have embraced it into their fold. Reference to this number brings along with a knowledge of the unknown. The user of such a number asks the question….Do you know what your greatest fear is? Are you willing to take that leap of faith into the unknown to find out for yourself or will you have to be forced? Just like poor Winston had to do…poor fella!!!

For years I didn’t realise that this was a room like no other. I just thought it was another old number …Depeche Mode 101…yeah …cool album!!! Then I read “1984” by Gearge Orwell and life changed a little bit!

“ You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world. ”
— O’Brien

The things that come into my head sometimes. One of the reasons that I brought it up was that we all have some fears floating around in our heads and the one that bothers me is when I get up on a ladder to do some painting or to climb on a roof……a little bit of Winstonitis comes over me…trembling….blurry vision…the usual symptoms. It’s not your usual case of vertigo. I have no problem with climbing to the top of a mountain or stufff like that….no….it’s the ladder against the wall stuff….gets me every time!!!! It’s my 101 moment you could say…..very embarrassing but what can I do? I have overcome it on occasion for those moments when the job must be done and I am the only one who can do it!!!

One of the other reasons that I mention this magnificent number is because this is my 101th post and I might as well celebrate it while I can! I can’t really acknowledge it in my next post …can I? During the week in work there was a fellow workmate who was trying to sell his laptop. I stepped up to the mark and offered my services. I really needed to upgrade. Up until now I have been in the dark ages of technology……but now the tables have turned and with this new technology on my lap…the future is truly bright. I have alway wanted to purchase one but have thought that prices they charge in Ireland are ridiculous…..I know what goes into to these little things and believe me….it’s not worth what they are charging for them. This one was a snip at €150 and I will use it like no other toy that I have ever had. There may be a slight tug o war between Niamh and I but …..lets see…shall we….

It never ceases to amaze me …..this internet stuff….if you just sit back and compare it to only a couple of years ago….the stone age is what we were living in….I remember what it was like with those big 5 1/4 inch floppies and no internet….even the mobile phone technology that has come on the scene. Look how far we have come in such a short time. And it has only just begun. Think ahead to 2020…close your eyes …..sit back now…try to imagine planet Earth….it’s people and environment….will there be any? What changes will have occurred in this 10 year period? We probably won’t even notice these changes. The only real way of recognising some of these changes is by volunteering for a spell of solitary confinement but I really don’t think that would be worth it. Walking out those cell doors after such a long time…your eyes adjusting to the light….walking to the collect you possesions…..your clothes and money and the pieces of your past life. The gaurd hands you your phone and glances at his second in command to catch his eye….They are laughing at your phone….”This guy must have been away for a long time”…they say to each other later on. In 2020, everyone will have a built in phone in the eardrum connected to the brain via tiny whatsits that stimulate the thingys…. Who knows?
Who out there would be lost with out there phone? I could count on one hand the amount of phone calls I get in the week but I need it for those “just in case moments”. We forget how easy we got on without them…..telephone boxes….”What’s a telephone box …Grandad?” or Dad even! Some people love their phones…the way they hold them in their hands …..touching them…caressing them ….and sometimes they can be a sight to behold but what would these same people have been holding back in the early 90’s! Maybe I’m just jealous of these expensive gadgets. Sometimes I listen to the prerecorded marketing ploy that has been slowly and carefully programmed into each and every phone addict in the country…”You get 250 free minutes and 500 free texts if you “….I don’t know about some of you but I don’t think I have even sent that many texts in my lifetime…but in a month.
Sometimes I forget my phone …..left at home under the cushion on the couch or under the newspapers or in my other jacket….it wrecks Niamhs head ….but it can be little weight lifted off for that short period of no communication. Its like that moment in a submarine when they lose contact with their command centre or when the shuttle goes to the dark side of the moon…….it’s not really something we should be afraid of….or is it?

My 101 song uses no metal or wood or transistor or microchip or string or phone for that matter….pure genius!!!


One thought on “101 Face your Fears

  1. I often think of my great grandma and the advances in technology she witnessed…autos, planes, phones, radio, television…things that we don’t even blink an eye at. I am one of the dinosaurs without a cell phone since we don’t have service out here where I live…when my daughter brings her young, citified friends here ,I can almost see their thumbs twitching in panic of not knowing how to get a message across the miles…I tried to teach them smoke signals but it didn’t go over well! Not long ago I was in the city looking for a phone box and they seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth…what next? I think your choice of music this week is brilliant. I have heard that he’s amazing to see live…maybe one day. Welcome to the New Age with your new gadget! I’m still on a desk top, but a girl can dream can’t she?

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