Signs from the past

Here is a snap from my phone that I took on a rare night out with Niamh. We ended up in “The Oval” for a few bevvy’s….This is one of those bars that hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. It brings with it many memories of friends and pints and meeting up and watching chinks of light through the windows and watching people come and go and listening to reaaly cool tunes and chatting and kissing and singing and more pints and smells of Beamish and Crawford form across the road and going to the night club afterwards and getting to know one another and paint peeling from the walls and the timelessness of it all and time standing still and not a care in the world and ‘sure we might as well go to the oval for one and staying there for the night and the different range of people and songs you haven’t heard in years and the light at 4 o clck and the traffic outside and the roundness of the place and the barman with the dreads and how he still salutes us and the things we got up to and why didn’t we take pictures of those days and off to Sir Henrys for a dance afterwards and the lovely pints of beamish and the nooks and crannies and whos around the corner and were you here all night and up the narrow stairs to the toilets and the oldness of it all and its still there for all to enjoy…….

I will have to start a photo diary of all the pubs we have frequented over the summer….before they all get knocked down or close


One thought on “Signs from the past

  1. You’re lucky to have such lovely old pubs and memories of them where you live…My dad and I frequented a few, I must say, while we were there and how I miss the creaky old places and the REAL pint of Guinness….nice to see the Irish signs. What a fabulous idea to document those pubs. I thought it would be fun to document some of the beautiful old parts of some of the train stations we went through on our way from Dublin to Galway and from Dublin to Cork. I loved the big train garage in Cork. There was some gorgeous old cast iron fixtures in some of them but sadly being replaced by modern looking things.

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