Summers Almost Gone

Eabha with Nanna in forest

Sometimes you need to take a break from life and stuff and all the troubles of the world need to be washed away with the subtlety and winds of Summer. Sweet sunshine and variations on a theme of different types of events to help you wander off from the normal path of life are whats needed to shake you up. Thats just what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. God knows I like to get away but this time it was with the little ones. Pack up the car…strap the bikes and we’re off. Not very far but just far enough to take you slowly into the holiday mode. Our choice of destination for years has been a little hamlet in the western regions of Cork by the name of Courtmacsherry. A quiet little village by the sea that has been my mother in laws .place of birth and which has been my wifes holiday spot for years.
A simple mobile home with stunning views of the bay and just enough solitude to let it all wash over you. The only problem is that I put a self imposed exile on the internet craic for a while. I felt as if I had nothing really to say and anyway it is nice to have a little break now and again. Courtmacsherry has been a staple in my diet for years…even before I met my wife I went there with friends for weekends….it’s one of those hidden treasures with lovely forested walks by the sea…with plenty of access to the whole of west Cork. Clonakilty is on your doorstep and if you feel like travelling onwards into the brink you can do so. There are countless little villages and beaches and ‘places of interest’ …I don’t want to sound like a tour guide but every word of it is true. There are wonders to behold at every corner. In Ireland at the moment there has been a ressurection in the family holiday with more people staying and discovering Ireland than ever before. The weather this year has put a whole new spin on things. For the last few years it has been miserable each Summer.

Dunworley Beach

This has all changed with the arrival of the sun in Ireland. It must have been on holiday in Spain. As I write this the sun is splittng the stones outside. Sometimes I wonder is it all that good to have too much sun and then I snap out of it and realise my foolish thoughts need to be banished. Sun is where it’s at… baby!!! So now I am back to reality and have to pay the bills …get the girls ready for school and ….plan for next years holiday…maybe the South of France or something like that…just the 4 of us and lot of wine!!!!

One of the wonders of the journey to Courtmac is the slow drive through Timoleague over the bridge and along the road by the waters edge with winding road of a few miles …always the promise of Courtmac in the distance….a journey best taken just before sunset with the tide high and the shimmering water showing off the excellence of this paradise on our doorsteps.

This is one of those songs that I have been listening to throughout the Summer as I drive home in the car late at night ….this is the remix version which I think gives it a nice uuuummmppphh!! What do you think…..?


One thought on “Summers Almost Gone

  1. Good Grief! I thought you fell off the Skelligs or something! Glad to see you enjoying the summer. Your first photo is SO lovely and is almost like a painting…and the second? Gives the true feel of fun on the beach and the enjoyment you get from a holiday with the ones you love. How lucky for you to have such weather. We had a few good weeks of REAL summer with heat so hot you could sit in the usually ice cold river and feel sweet relief. Today we had more rain than we’ve had in 2 months and truthfully, it felt nice for a change to walk the dog under the umbrella and not have to water the garden…

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