Mercury Prize for The XX

Humble in their acceptance….quivering in their boots…unsure as to how to react to such an overwhelming recognition. The mercury prize is what all budding bands or singers crave for. It’s the grammies for Europe. This band have only just tipped the iceberg with what they can achieve. You can almost taste it in each song that they produce. It as if they were biting at the bit each time they wrapped up their finished product. All you have to do is have a glance at the remixes of their songs to realise the potential of each song on this album.
|The litmus test for any album in my life is when your kids sing along to the songs in the back seat of the car and when my youngest is able to memorise the words to VCR you just know your onto a good thing. Congrats to them all….I can’t but feel sorry for all the other nominees who desrverved the prize also but such is the way the cookies crumbles……
I await with patience their forthcoming album. Please let it be soon….for the love of God it seems like an eternity…..not long really but I’ve played it so much…..time for some new tunes ladies and gentlemen!!!!

Pure and still like running water or something like that!!! Spread The XX in your neighbourhood now. People need to know about these people!!!


One thought on “Mercury Prize for The XX

  1. Thanks for your kind words Paudie…I truly enjoy your posts as well and I believe you’re a born story teller…must be the Corkman in ya! I know life gets busy but I perk up when I see a new post on endofera so keep writing. I always like to see your music choice as well…cheers!

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