Would you do Anything?

There is always a movie in this stratosphere of life that puts a lighter step in your walk. A movie that has you humming one of its tunes a few days later…you think to yourself “Where did that come from?”….then you realise. We have all sat down on a lazy wet Sunday or during the long holidays as a child to witness a revolution in our young minds. There is always that first moment in your life. Sometimes we take it for granted….those moments in our life when we first watched ‘The Sound of Music’ or movies that have been ingrained into to our subconcious by over zealous programmers on TV …you know the ones who dictate what we all watch…..well thats the way it was back in the early 80’s. Now …the kids have a choice nowadays or do they……

Well….the movie of choice this Summer was Oliver….one of the classics people….great tunes form a great eriod in history….what kick started our rekindling of MUSICAL interest was a talent show in Courtmacsherry where a group of kids did a take of “I’d do anything”….really well done by really young kids. So I just had to buy this movie for the kids to witness the magic of it all. You could call this the song of the Summer. The girls have been constantly singing it and dancing it. And you can just see why? Anybody can learn this song and replay the actions ….all you need is your imagination and someone to answer you back…… “anything”…..Oliver is the movie to reignite your imagination….simpler times ….all you have to do is look at the faces of the kids when its playing to realise how magical these kind of movies can be.

Now I’ve got to head off to pick a pocket or 2………………………..


One thought on “Would you do Anything?

  1. I love introducing the kids to an old classic. This summer it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…They had to be EXTRA careful singing that one too fast! I will have to search out ‘Oliver for them now…

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