Never too Old?!

When you really put a magnifying glass to this life of ours …sit back and put the analyse on the whole thing…what do you come up with? There will always be something out there to amaze you…put a shine on the dull of life. You might go for months without a hicccup at all. Maybe this might be from you own doing. Happy in your mould…”This is the way it has always been, sure!”…This can sometimes be a good thing. Generally, it’s the norm of life that keeps us all ready in waiting for the abnormalities that might suddenly appear out of the blue. I suppose it helps us deal with the sudden shift in our lives. Now and again you might have to reach out of you comfort zone to help you along to the next step of discovery. Thats whats life is all about really. There are the getting through it moments that we all have…you know the drudgery…the norm…the everyday…thank God for cliches…..but every once in a little while you need to step out and go a bit mad!
God knows I’ve done plenty of going mad when I was younger but now with all the ‘resonsibilties’ of life ….no longer the easy option that once was. I don’t mind it…sniff sniff…sometimes I quite like it but then you just snap out of it and realise that 5 years have passed without you knowing it. Theses moments need to be marked. People need to celebrate their life before the flame goes out….before its too late. That bus could be just around the corner ready for impact. I want to do a Jim Morrison before it’s too late. I’m lucky that my partner in life is feeling the same way. Maybe thats why I married her. The phrase “I loves me fun, like” comes to mind….

So …with great planning and stealthlike precision …we have booked tickets for a band that are playing in Cork this November…Dan le Sac v’s Scroobius Pip are playing in The Cyprus Avenue. I have only recently been listening to these fellas….intelligent hip hop for the masses…..but they seem like great fun and hopefully I won’t feel like a grandfather when I turn up to this gig. It wouldn’t be the normal type of thing that I go to but hey….the zest of life is on my plate and it’s looking good enough to taste for now. In the last week I have had 2 offers from my brothers to go to Dublin to see bands so maybe I have made a turning point in my social life. BRMC are playing in Whelans…..late in December and Gorillaz in the O2 so its a choice that will have to be made soon. These are weekday gigs so it may be difficult for me to make it what with work. My brothers don’t have that dillemma seeing as one lives in Dublin and the other doesn’t give a shit so hey….. if I miss them…what harm!!! The hip hop will keep me happy. Everybody should check out these guys…they are the opposite of what hip hop should be but they just take it to another level…..Is it hip hop or just rhymes…I don’t know really!!! ….Is that a bus I see on the horizon??$?

Oh yeah …by the way….Kerry…you are never too old for a bit of fun….just take it easy on the Guinness!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Never too Old?!

  1. What can I say about that performance…definitely a thinking man’s band.
    Fantastic words. Should be written on a billboard somewhere.
    What can I say about the Guiness? Even though they say it doesn’t travel well, I still can’t resist! There’s no reason not to go out and have a laugh…you can grow old but stay young at heart forever…
    Cheers to you and as Neil Young says…”It’s better to burn out than to fade away…” Hope the craic is good when you go!

  2. p.s…I forgot to mention that the music in the background is the theme music to my favorite arts and culture radio program on cbc!…check it out sometime: Q with Jion Gomeshi…you can find it online through the cbc website…

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