Return to a Legend

I woke up this morning to the thump of the rain outside. Really hard rain that makes you want to climb back under the covers. The last thing I hear is Niamh leaving the house shouting….”It’s 9 o clock…I’m leaving now” …which is code for you better get your ass out of bed. It’s not that I’m lazy or anything because I don’t arrive home until 2am so I need those seven hours or else I end up being crankier than normal. Thank God that she understands that…..
Wednesday is WOW day for the girls …’walk on wednesday’ to school so I will be up earlier to accompany them tomorrow. Maybe the rain will return tomorrow…a raincheck on WOW…..
I was looking for something on Youtube about fixing up the house and I came across a piece of film made in the late 70’s that I used to watch when I was kid with nothing better to do. It must have been in those multi channel days …..there was a documentary made that followed this fella form Lancashire whose job was a steeplejack….one of those guys who climbed up church steeples and industrial sized chimneys to ether repair them or fix them. He was the kind of fella that you could listen to for hours regaling you with his views on life and the strange life that he led….an eccentric in his prime you could say. He just transfixed us with his climbing of ladders up magnificent chimney stacks and not a harness on hardhat in sight. He always wore a dirty little old flat cap and wore thick rimmed glasses….a cigarette permanently in his gob. This was a real hard man….in a nice kind of way!
So I have decided to share with you his bygone age……most of this kind of work is long since past…the way they demolished the stacks using the old ways and the serious lack of health and safety….probably did no one any harm really. These videos just have to be watched for their heartwarming take on life. It just makes for a better day!!!


One thought on “Return to a Legend

  1. Bloody Hell! That is amazing! I love lots of things about these videos but to name a few…None of the workers is wearing gloves, all bare handed stuff…the way his wife would start the fires and how calm and confident he is in his work! I also loved at the end of the second one where he’s treated like he scored the winning goal at a championship rugby game!! Thanks for these, they made my day to know that people still do things the old way. But I must say…the tension before the stacks came down was nail biting!

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