It’s only Natural….

There will always be those gigs that you eternally regret not going to …Nirvana and Sonic Youth in Sir Henrys pops into my head…but maybe it gives you more of a want for such moments. There must be bucket loads of moments that have passed me by but such is life. I have plenty other future unyet attended gigs to keep me dreaming out windows and waiting for the next ones. Thats why we have youtube to keep us from going mad and while running through some of my favourite blogrolls I came across this beauty with the help of Asleep on the compost Heap….this came my way. Then I realised it was a gig up in Limerick that I desperately wanted to go to but alas….alas….alas… got in the way but look at how wonderful this gig would have been(for me had I gone) by a band that have yet to release at the moment. Truly beautiful stuff that can only move you to your bones….well….it works for me anyway!!!


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