Black Friday…Pass the YR

I only really care about myself…..I know yesterday was dubbed Black Thursday but hey ….did they have to pay all of 520 quid on their car……a job that had to be done but ……what a hunk of cash to hand over to a fella with oily hands and dirty face that you barely know. Positive to this day is the lifting of the worry of a broken timebelt at 60 miles an hour on the Mallow road. I think back to the moment I got that car….my mision is to hold onto it for as long as is possible….10 years…15 years …20 years….bring on the vintage. Better start polishing!!!
Listening to the wireless last night and I had an epiphany…..must listen to more Irish music and spread the word…Buy Irish…Do my bit for the recession. If everyone in Ireland went out and bought a CD by an Irish band on a weekly basis….fork out a few quid for those new up and coming Irish bands. Its up to everyone to bring on the Irish….cliche I know but very true. There are some really great bands in Ireland at the moment and here is my contribution. I just might do a thing like Irish band of the WEEK.
This weeks band for me anyway is……. Fight Like Apes….Listen and try to understand…it may take time but you will eventually learn to love this band like those band that you have always loved….Have faith and you will be healed…



One thought on “Black Friday…Pass the YR

  1. I like the idea of an Irish band a week…would love to hear more of what I’m missing over here. The video for your chosen song was brilliant by the way. Cheers.

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