Irish Band Pt.2

Last week I was strolling through the gig guide and one of my favourite bands were playing in the Pav this Saturday night for the launch of their new album…’Hither Tither’….story of my life …..the gig was sold out!! Another fine mess …never on time for that possible fantastic gig the could have been. Their will be more moments on the horizon. Plans are afoot to increase my intake of live music as we speak in far off lands so watch this space. So now it is up to me to spread the word of this up and coming band that I am sure will go from strength to strength…hopefully!
Today was one of those weeks where there has been so much bad news for me in the distance from people in my life that have had very bad misfortune and health problems that all you can do is awaken your dormant sense of laissez faire to really appreciate what you have right in front of you.
Six years ago today, myself and Niamh were blessed to have someone enter our lives with gusto…a little baby to change us all forever. What a lady she has become!!! Happy Birthday Eabha……6 years old today.


One thought on “Irish Band Pt.2

  1. Brilliant! Love it! Will check these lads out for sure…Happy Birthday Eabha and keep all yourselves healthy and well….

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