Irish Band Pt.2 Revised

I actually did get to go to the gig after all thanks to my brother who conveniently got his hands on 2 tickets….where…in the record shop…not online ….the ticket shop….Plug’d Records in fact….so off we went and they did not disappoint. I wish I was one of those people who always have a camera in my pocket waiting for that perfect snap but hey …I’m just not.
I caught about 10 minutes of the support band from Cork “Bona Fide Federation’…..good enough to check out again. I’m waiting in anticipation for the next suprise band night out. Here are a band that I have been wanting to post for quite a long time. Destined for greatness hopefully soon…..


One thought on “Irish Band Pt.2 Revised

  1. Good one…glad to hear you made it out and about…these guys, dare I say it, sound like they’ve had some influence from U2, especially The Edge…would have been loads of fun to see. Keep ’em Irish bands coming!

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