Girls on Tour Jazz 2010

The old haunts…the places we met …the places we danced…the places we got kicked out of….the music thump thumping….bouncing off the walls. In Cork was where it was at in the mid 90’s….clubs and pubs for all sorts of heads….the punks …the techno heads….the indie kids….the last of the grunge fiends….the coolcool house music djs….the hip hop crews….the rise of new bands and music and styles and the way you walk like and a new pub that you just had to go to. Did you go to that gig last week…..where were you last week…you missed the gig of your life…..jesus …what a night!!…..what a head the next day….how did I get home…….oooohhh noooo!!!

On Sunday I went into Cork city to sample the Jazz….a time honoured tradition of showing the childer the joy of the jazz and here are some of the snaps that I took with there cousins in tow. These are the snaps that I will show to them in 10 years time when they will eventually want to go to these places for their first nights out on the town on the voyage of discovery that all teenagers experience. Classic snaps for that moment in the future!!!

Outside Gorby's

girls outside everyman

outside mutton lane inn

The Munchies on Pana

Jazz weekend 2010 with your kids eating crepes meeting old friends passing you on the street. Having some fun and a dance on the street and some more crepes.


One thought on “Girls on Tour Jazz 2010

  1. Great pics of the youngins…There’s nothing like not having a care in the world except to have fun and food and friends, especially when those friends are your cousins. And having the da pay for it all!

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