“This world is full of strange people”

It is a known fact in this short life of ours that through our travels there will be countless encounters with all kinds of strange and wonderful sorts. They may come in different guises…all shapes and sizes…you may feel that with time that you have seen it all….I suppose with age and experience you may feel that nothing in this world can surprise you…not as effective as that time you came across the most strangest of dudes or the once in a mllion experience that you were sure was to be never be repeated. Some people have a higher tolerance for the strange thatn others . Some people embrace the strangness of life and seek it out whilst others shun it on a daily basis with a pang for the norm! Well…let me tell you my furry friends that in this little planet that we inhabit….well…you could say there are bucket loads of Strange dudes out there…. whether we like it or not!
I suppose some people who may read these pages are muttering to themselves that I may need to renew my subscription to the funny people club but I am the sane one on this page for now so listen carefully and you may agree with a little of what I say! When I was a lad I copped onto this theory of pitiful people on the streets ….I supposed I was exposed at a younger age than most to this world of ours and the whats and wheres of this town. Cork in the mid 80’s was full of raving luntics and most of my acquaintances were sure to have been missing a few washers…enough to make them rattle ever so slightly. Sometimes you may accept this as the norm and for most of the time it is the norm. It is part of the makeup of our genome in the majority of cases and is steadily developed throughout our short lives.
A snicker here …a rolled eye there….a shrill scream for no apparent reason…..long stares off into the distance at nothing in particular…spending too much time on your own in a dark room can also lead you to this kind of acceptable insanity. Is it a bad thing? Whats wrong with it? Does it bother you in some kind of way? Of course it does…but you brush it off and move on with your life. So the next time you come across one of these people…maybe in your workplace…or in your local shop…or one of those parents who keeps you talking at the school gates…or a guy who you see around town with a permanent grin on his face….or that petrol pump attendant near your motherinlaws house…or the guy who you hung around with in college who took too many drugs…..or all the other people you hung around with who took too many drugs….or for that matter the friends you had that pushed you to your limits in so many ways….or the every day people who just make your skin crawl by just being near them….or any person that you want to add to the never ending list!
It just goes to show that there is no such thing as strange. It’s just the way the world bounces off one another. It’s what makes our clocks tick tockitty tick. Then you hear the chime of the grandfather clock in the distance…you skin crawls a little and you here the timewarp tune in the distance…”Lets do the timewarp again….”
This is a reminder that you should never stay up late watching The Rocky Horror Show on the eve of Halloween drinking too much wine…blame those friends from the past….

A song for Samhan is what we need and all I can provide you with is a something that I caanot get out of my head…..I want you all to listen carefully now for what you are about to hear will forever change your listening lives!!!


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