Que Sera Sera!??

Breathe in really deeply. Close your eyes so tight that it hurts. Open them suddenly and breathe in the air again. Take in your surroundings and listen to the sounds ever so softly. Think of the moments in your life that have made you smile. All the people you met…the places you have been….the things you have done…..the sights you have seen….the conversations you have listened to…..the people you have loved so well!!!
To not have all of the above…to have all this taken from you….your very essence…your being …the moment…all gone in a blink….thats what its like to be gone! How else is it to be. Every day we shake our heads in dismay at the tragedy of life. The sudden taking of a life. It may have happened in the early hours…all alone…in a car….on the side of the road with no one to hold your hand….your last dying moments thiinking of your life as it ebbs away in the dying light. These are real events that seem to happen on a daily basis on our roads. The roads of Ireland seem to be littered with the corpses of road traffic accidents. It can easy for us to say that it may have been pure carelessness but who is to know…..it may be me tomorrow…who knows really? Let it be known that this is not the way I want to go…..I want to suck in some of that precious air for a few years yet. I want to see the smiles on my kids faces. I want to be able to give my tuppence worth on these pages and in everyday life. I want to love and live and drink and smile and cry and be humble and feel fear and listen and laugh…….
I want to be able to hug my kids and feel their unconditional love for a good while yet. I want to be able to listen to fantasic music from all corners and spread what I love to the world and its sister!!! To feel the warmth of the unknown wash over you!


One thought on “Que Sera Sera!??

  1. Gratitude is sometimes lost in the shadows, but clearly you’ve got what it takes. Truth be told, I was scared to death when we picked up our tin can of a rental car at the Cork airport, but my dad and I both agreed that if we were going to go, at least we would go knowing that we ticked off a big one on our life list of dreams to fullfill. Like I’ve said before….don’t go anywhere yet, I so enjoy your musing.

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