Bizarre Inc.

One ‘elluva week me old china is what they used to say in the back streets of the east end of London. Amazing how the coloquial can up tuppence when you are lost for words. How do you describe despair that is felt and the woe insurmountable washing over the Irish. It will be announced on the streets by the hawkers and fishmongers. The little old ladies in the post offices clutching their purses will be sighing with despair. The postman delivering our letters and bills will pile up on our own little debts that never seem to end. ‘With a little bit o’ luck’ no longer will be the phrase of the optimist on the street. One of those cliches that I have always hated…’God willing’….drives me up the wall.

Every morning I listen to the radio to hear the latest on the longest soap in Ireland at the moment….A Fine State….except this is real life, the real McCoy as they say. I listen intently to the amounts that are being thrown out willy nilly. A billion here and a couple of billion there….an unhappy bondholder under there and a rogue bank waiting by the bus stop over there. People like me in their cars need to be on top form to be able to keep up with these events. A constant flux of a situation dictated by the markets. You wouldn’t believe how much I have found out about the markets from early morning radio. “what’s the story with the markets this morning?” is what I hear each morning from the Newstalk presenter but she alway comes up trumps each morning. How? By giving us a snippet of hope from the Irish Entrepreneur. That small baker or craft designer in Kilkenny or the little business that seems to be rising up through the fog of despair. These are the people that we need to cherish. These are the Irish people who are our neighbours that will employ other neighbours when their little business grows a little more each year.
I’ve been saying for a while now that those local business upstarts need to be watered and fertilized like any growing plant. Give it a bit of love and you will be rewarded! Why don’t we support these people. BUy Irish…….not all the time but just a little bit more than we used to. By a few chops at your local butcher or buy the apple drops in the local shop that has been there for years. Stay local and every thing will be fine.
What a soap opera chirade it has all turned out to be. Tune in next week or on the hour to keep up with the STATE of the place. Wait till after December to find out how our hero saves our country…how he rides in on his shiny black steed with his excalibur aloft slashing and cutting everything in sight until there is quite literally shag all left to cut. Utter chaos will ensue with the peasants burning all the houses of the lords and gentry. Hangings on street corners will be a daily sight. The sight of ragged dirty faced children stealing apples and being chased through the streets will be a common one. Grown men standing around flaming bins slapping out the cold and singing of a glorious past will keep us all awake at night. Off in the distance you will hear the shout of the coal men selling a shovel full of coal for sixpence….the euro no more….the currency no more……a barter society….off in the distance you will see Mel Gibson on his bike with a look of determination on his face that you would never see in Dail Eireann. Mel will be our King. He will keep us from harm. He will be the one to get us out of this bloody mess. We all need a hero……a demigod….a saviour with a beard and twelve buddies hanging on his every word….we need one of those fellas that was always at the back of the class causing trouble…the one who was head of the debating society arguing the point….turning your scewed views of a 15 year old head. It was a pity I didn’t listen to my English teacher…”The best thing ye can all do is head off to the states…theirs fuck all here for ye!!!” ….That was over 20 years ago and his words still ring through. The world record for the biggest pile of shit known to man has been recorded outside of the Oireachtas.

This is what happens when you forget to write…to keep in touch with your inner self….it all piles out without a care in the world. Ive been waiting for the Good Life for years now and that bus is a long time coming….Listen for the bell….Listen carefully now!!!


One thought on “Bizarre Inc.

  1. We here in Canada, have always been in the shadow of our super power nieghbour and our economy seems to ride the roller coaster of finance. Of course nothing like what is going on in the Motherland. I’ve heard news interviews of people in tears from over there and I ache for a country who’s small and always tried to be mighty. You’ve got it right about buying local. I’m always trying to pursuede people to buy handmade and travel local. Now I will further try to convince people to visit the Emerald Isle instead of Hawaii…who needs all that sand in your shorts anyway? I’d rather have a fresh pint of the good stuff!

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