S’all about the Tunes!!

I’ve recently discovered that those wonderful shows that were constantly being downloaded by me…i.e. Donal Dineen After Midnight….have been removed from their website. You can still listen to them but you can’t save them onto me auld phone to be listened to at work or whenever you feel like it. A total travesty. The only bloody bit of knowledge that I dipped into now and again has been snatched from me forever. Move onto to someone else perhaps for the time being until I can figure out some other way of getting this stuff without staying past midnight. For the whole of the Summer of 2010 I have been listening to this show with eager ears …..listening…learniing of the new and the old and being cajoled ever so gently into appreciating the most beautiful of music…..tunes that would never be heard on daytime radio…..
A lot of the tunes grab hold of you ever so carefully so as not to scare you away and then they let you go without you ever knowing that they had you in their clutches. Afew weeks later you may be confronted by the same tune as if by a long lost schoolfriend or a tasty bar of cadburys melting in the mouth….a sense of the familiar washing through your senses bringing you to that palce you have always loved. S’all about the tunes…..the hunt and search for that perfect tune around the corner floating across the bandwidth.
You all know how much I feel and love the medium of radio…..talk radio…music radio….community radio…..educational radio…..easy radio….all types and kinds of radio floating out there. I’m still a wind up the wireless kind of fella with the headphones tune to local Irish but it looks like I will have to search further afar for the unusual. I like to be safe in the knowledge that my DJ friend for the next 2 or 3 hours will be playing the tunes just for me and may suprise me with something new or even annoy me with stupidly mundane choices only to turn around in the second half of the show with a gem like no other.
So at the moment as I write these words I am listening to Phantom.ie outta Dublin yall ….pleasantly suprised by the choices of the Dj….Jim Carroll I think his name is…….but it still isn’t After Midnight. Dineen was a friend like no other. I have never met him or even talked to him but like many friends of mine he is always there for me……not as available as I would have liked him to be now but alas he is there each night with the eclectic…the familiar…the unknown ….the unlistenable…the unbearable….the bearable…..ready to take your breath away once again.

As I keep on saying….S’a” about the tunes….Tomorrow night I will have to give an indepth review of the amazing DanLeSacV’sScroobiusPip gig that I went to a few weeks ago. Utterly amazing stuff. But now I will leave you with my next gig of choice in the Pav on Dec 5th….Laura Marling….hey I’m a sucker for the girls!!!!


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