The Coldest Month

A lot can happen throughout the 12 months of a year and like so many months from the past years, December has proved itself to be one of the most eventful of all. If there were to be an AGM of the months of the year I think the big D would be sitting at the top of the table with a knowing look on its face.
“I have learned from your mistakes and each year I come up trumps. I may be cold and bare, but each year the people of this world celebrate for the whole of my 31 days!!!”
That quote was taken from the last AGM….the minutes were taken down by April…a bit of a fool at the best of times but very good at the typing. That same AGM saw a big bust up between July and August…the same old argument over who was the hottest month. Thank God for March and October…2 distant cousins who you could always depend on to solve a sometimes touchy subject.
December will always be my favourite month…the one where we always wrap up in anticipation of the frost in the morning with the sudden realisation of how quickly it got cold… seems to happen every year….”Jesus…it’s BITTER!!!”…it seems to be that we forget each year about the changing of the season like a pregnant mother once she has given birth to her 5th child. Once the first twangs of the cold disappear. All is forgiven!!! Off come the wooly jumpers to be stacked in the cupboard for another year and off we go in our t-shirts once again.
Whats so good about this month? This is the month when you meet those old friends or family members who have been abroad for so long. It’s that rare month when you have to get out for a few celebratory drinks….another year down celebrations….a cheers to life……and you always see a face in the crowd coming towards you with a broad smile and one of those “Oh my God …I can’t believe it’s you” expressions. Sometimes you can be lucky and have instant recognition of a face from the past or more than likely you cannot remember their name. Yes, December is the month where we remember what it’s all about and thank each other for the life we’ve led and help each other along to the next few chapters in the book of our life, however long or short it may be!!
The best movies always get shown during the big D. The most money gets spent. You wear more clothes at this time. You wrap more presents and tell more lies at this time of year. Some people say more prayers. It’s a lot more darker now. 2010. Who’d have thought that I would be hear? If an alien had appeared to me in 1980 with long tentacles and the obligitary squeaky voice giving me a scrooge like vision of the year 2010 “In 30 years time….gurrgle tweak…you will be regaling the universe…wobble kkkrrreeeuuuk….with you mind numbing views on the world!!”…How would I have reacted. I would have run to my mother and she would have put me on her knee and she would have believed me and reassured me that the future is as bright as you wish it to be and to believe in yourself and all will be well and come on lets go to bed for a half hours snooze and everything will be alright when you wake up. The wisdom of mothers will always be endless. It’s a wonder there isn’t a reference book written by the mothers of the world ….constantly being tweaked and revised and handed down from generation to generation. I suppose the whispered wisdom and hugs of a mother could never have that lasting affect…those precious memories and smiles and laughter and home cooked smells and the welcome homes and the kisses for school and the wise old tales that only a mother can share!!
Thats what Decemeber is all about. It’s a culmination of all that was good and bad for the year and this month acts as the filter or sieve that only lets the best of the year through. We still hold onto the bad things but it’s only the good stuff that makes the icing on the cake.
So listen to this song and each time you will think of this glorious month. This is a debut album that has to be listened by each and everyone….one of the classics of the 80’s….each time I revisit it I get the required chills down my spine.


One thought on “The Coldest Month

  1. December to me gets the vote for sneakiest month of the year! I always think of all the grand things I’m going to bake and make and then before you know it, it’s the mid of the month and Santas workshop goes into overdrive!!
    But it is true…it’s a reflective month and cold to boot…I hear it’s pretty damn frosty over there…stay warm and safe.

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