Can you believe it…the Laura Marling gig that I was so looking forward to was cancelled at the last minute due to the lovely lady being ill. You would not believe how disappointed I was to hear of this change of plan. I was psyching myself all week for this gig. I’ve only just about calmed down with the fright of it all. I actually think I predicted that she would cancel the gig…by way of premonition. Maybe I have these mystical powers that I have yet to realise…..powers of such strength that will have far reaching consequences for mankind…….never one to think small was I, laddy!!!

Wait a minute…newsflash coming in on the mystic line….I will be going to this aforementioned gig in the foreseeable future!!! During last week I came across the most wonderful band with the most wonderful sound along with the most wonderful videos to accompany their rolling sound. I am not one to review or regale about the new music that I have stumbled across. I prefer to let the listener make up their minds about the music…to let them discover for themselves in their own way. Thats the way I prefer to ride the train to the unknown musical destination that has not been named!! It’s the way I have been doing it for years but lately I have found that their are aids out there that can make that journey more definite….a joy to behold …taking you through dark avenues that were previously off limits….”Don’t go down there..laddy!!”….the whispered voices in the shadows would call out to me intermittently. Sometimes the voice would not be heard for years but every now and again at certain points in your life it’s omnipotent presence would be felt. Maybe that is why these aids are needed to reassure you that the outer limits are not that dark after all. You may stumble through the forest like a hobbit looking for a shiny object going around in circles and then you see a sign showing a way forward. It may not be the right way forward but at least you can break free of the long circle that you seem to have been threading for years. And when you do break free., it feels as if the heaviest of weights has been lifted from your body…not just your shoulders but your entire being and with it a fresh sense of purpose. These are new paths that you have never seen before…new horizons and fresh pathways have opened up for you that lead you through an endless labyrinth that may never end but at least the journey will be FUN…..and thats what its all about!!!

This is what Wild Nothing do for me….a sense of the past looking over a ditch into the future and oh my God does if give off the most soothing of lights…..Listen carefully and you will hear a sound that all of us should share!!!


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