“They don’t have meetings about Rainbows”

Last night was one of those usual nights where we stay too late in Nanna’s and end up getting home at all hours with the kids starving for rice crispies and moaning with the tiredness. Settle them in nice and cosy….cuddle them up in bed and get a bit of Sunday TV on. Guess what was on…”The 6th Sense”…one of those movies you always seem to end up watching for those classic lines….like the title above…really creepy dialogue that sometimes gets lost behind sweating hands covering your eyes during those chilling moments. Like the face on Bruce Willis when the kid tells him his secret. “I want to tell you my secret now”….cut to Brucey baby all wan like with the most fearful face in cinema history. On second or third viewings of the movie it can either give you the required chill or make you chuckle with delight!!!
I found myself analysing each line of the movie last night for the pleasure of annoyingly repeating each one of them throughout the holiday season. Can you imagine if someone in your everyday life …especially a child declared to you that …”I see dead people”…I can guarantee you that there would be an awful mess in my pants. Another classic movie moment I can compare it to is the one when Clarisse of the lambs fame answers the phone to her favourite doctor….”Clarisse….” …to which she answered back as if an old friend was on the line….I have analysed that moment in great detail and have come to the conclusion that any normal person would collapse with the fright. I suppose we all have different reactions to the movies we have grown to love.
They might not even be the greatest of movies but there might be this one moment that makes it worhty of comment. One of those movies that has been on that list is “Judge Dreaqd” with me old buddy Sly Stallone in the lead of Joseph Dread…the classic I never broke the law moment!!!! All time classic…it’s as if he is spitting at you with the rage….here’s a taster for ya’ll…..


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