From night to day to morning

The passing of time can fool all of us. From morning to night to minute and hour…a flash in the pan and it’s there for all to see. Time is such a precious commodity and for all of us there have been diffficult times in which we cannot handle it. What to do with the bloody stuff? Did you realise that there are actually 24 hours in the day!!
This morning as I drove to work I witnessed the eclipse of the moon and thought of how ancient people would have dealt with these kind of phenomenons. Shaking in their furry boots they must have been.
I don’t really know what to blog about. I have too much stuff that I cannot seem to talk about. Maybe I’m just too tired and need the holidays to recuperate….recharge the batteries. The one song I have always referred to in such moments or when I just need to listen in awe at a beauty like no other is this song. One of the most wonderful songs of 2010…..


One thought on “From night to day to morning

  1. Beautiful…lovely…inspiring…The images from this song and your post go hand in hand. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up this weekend, make a toast to the season and pat yourself on the back for so many great posts. Happy Christmas to you all on the Emerald Isle!

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