Whats that Sound….

I don’t know what type of gene presents itself within your DNA that makes you just love obscure, distant, slow, unrecognisable, but always wonderful music. Is it in your genes in the first place? I don’t know. The first time that I heard of Mick Karns was through his rolling sound in the form of the band Japan. This was a sound like no other. There wasn’t another sound like this to be found anywhere.

I always found the Japan sound haunting in a far off way and it was when I first heard the Dance album by Gary Numan that I had reached another level. I picked it up in a secondhand record store long after the album had been made. I always come to these things when all the fuss has died down….long after the initial release. In those days i listened to what was cheap but this was by no means cheap. It was special in a kitsch way that made me love it all the more. The cover of the album was tacky in the Gary Numan way that all his album covers were in those days but the music that occupied the grooves of ths dusty somewhat scratchy vinyl record was so special and wholesome. On each listen it became even greater. I tried to get my peers to listen but to no avail. They just did not get it. They could not hear what I could hear. That deep underlay of sound that had many contributrions but blended with such ease and flow that it always gave me the required shivers….Thats why I cherish this album so much. I do not know of anyone who has come across this piece of music. It has become my own in a way that cannot be shared with others. It needs to be listened to in a dark room or on a long journey home in the middle of the night….certain situtations but always alone….like all great music, I suppose!

Because of the fact that it remained on vinyl….I have no idea whether or not if it was issued on cd…..I have not listened to these songs in years. It was with shock that I heard of the passing of Mick Karns. I did not know the man. If he walked passed me in a corridor I would not have recognised him but his bass is a sound that is instantly smile inducing….it makes you warm and makes you wonder at how this sound could be achieved. This man had a talent like no other and must ….should have been listened to in times of extreme stress or when you need love in your heart!!!

Mick Karns RIP
Beggars Banquet do not allow sharing of there music but you can check it out on Youtube….Slow Car to China is the standout track for me…a great example of how gifted he was…”When love walks in” demonstrates his genius with David Sylvian adding his voice for completion of greatness…..


One thought on “Whats that Sound….

  1. WOW! Posh new look there !Sort of industrialized/urban/serious graffiti! Never really heard this guy but sounded quite interesting…too bad the good ones die young. To think what else could be accomplished. I just about gave up on a few of the oldies and then BAM! One of them comes out with something really good…I’m thinking of Robert Plant’s newest cd…has that retro feel but still fresh and inovative.

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