Halogeon World

As you can see, I have been playing around with different themes of late. It’s like trying on some new clothes and prancing up and down the street. A new shirt or some new shoes for the beginning of the new year. There seems to be an endless array of different themes to choose from. You want it to be cool but not too pompous. The new theme needs to convey the personality with which you feel it presents to the world. The last one was a bit harsh on the eye and it didn’t give any blogroll. “How do you choose your wonderful themes?” …the wordpress reporters will be enquiring of me. Random selection is the only real method that I can admit to. There are some that can totally change the feel of the read for the reader. Did that sound right?
When I browse through different blogs I like to be comfortable with the way its presented before I can continue….hopefully this new theme will give a comfortable feeling to whomever does stop by!!

Yesterday evening I purchased 3 CD’s…old style till the last. When I mention to the younger people I work with that I still buy CD’s in a shop….they look at me with a forlorn frown on their faces as if they cannot believe what I have done. Anyway…what did I buy…
Tracey Thorns new album…Love And its Opposite….
Gregory Isaacs ..The Winner 1968-1978….
Tears For Fears..Tears Roll Down(Greatest Hits 82-92)…(it was cheap)

I had a very rare opportunity to be at home for an hour before the kids came home with Niamh so I proceeded to throw on the tunes. First up was Gregory…good tunes at full throttle. I was preparing the dinner for Niamh while the music played at full blast. Was getting a bit sick of the reggae so I decided to put on Tears For Fears. Now I’m not really a greatest hits kinda guy but boy did this do the trick. It’s not often I get the chance to really play music at the right levels…for it to fill the room…reverberate….let it get to your soul…music that was previously only listened to in passing takes on a different level of interest when it is played at full blast.
The closest you can come to this feeling is when you have a good set of headphones and are listening at abnormal levels. The music takes on new meaning. You hear sounds that were previously hidden. You might be able to mimic this feeling in the car when your alone but the sound system has to be excellent. The generic player in most cars is only ok. However….you can never judge a car by its looks. Just because it is old …doesn’t mean it has a shitty sound system. I remember a time years ago when my buddy and I were picked up by a plumber friend of ours in his old Renault 6 beat up car with all the pipes and putty and brass fittings in the back seat. Looks were definitely deceiving in this case becuase the sound system in the car was worth more that the car by a long way. It so happened that my buddy had a Terry Oldfield CD on him at the time of pickup and when he played it on this system …well…the car was transformed with sound….an array of sounds that did not fit in with the surrounding area or car for that matter but I will never forget that experience.
This is what happened to me last night….the freedom of the sound was released. This was the way music should always be played……

I hope you all feel the same way….


One thought on “Halogeon World

  1. Blog title pages can tell a lot about you, it’s true. I’m always changing mine; kind of like rearranging the furniture. Luckily no one comes in late at night, with the lights off and bangs a knee on the moved coffee table! It’s funny to think that cd’s are now a thing of the past! What next?

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