The Politics of Life

Day by the day there is a feeling amongst the populace that a change is gonna come. It’s just around the corner and we are the cogs that will make that change take place. Politicians are roaming the countryside and flapping up and down the highstreets to get their bit of spin to the people. It gives a feeling of sand slowly falling through the egggtimer of life when you observe them on the new. When the polling day finally arrives it will be the people who decide their fate. Chosing a government that is right for the people is never the easiest of choices. How do you vote for a candidate when all the knowledge you have of them is purely rhetorical guff that is dusted off for every campaign….”We need change…”….”Lessons must be learned from previous mistakes”…..Their must be a book in the annals of government buildings that is dusted off for each campaign….Politics for Dummies or How to fool your Public without looking like a fool….

You can hear the disgruntled views of the public at every turn. This time we won’t let them get away with it. We won’t be fooled again as the famous song once told us. Who would be a politician in thes horrid times. Who will take up the mantle of the previous government and turn this vcountry around. If all the politicians were to be truly honest with the public they would have their head in their hands with a look of dismay that tells us all the real truth. Politicians are only human like the electorate. By electing them to government we all give them the tools to lead us and they have our fate in their hands. However, they are not issued with magic wands that cast magic spells at a whim and they have not the universal power to change the future of every living thing. They are not super humans …..just ordinary people like me and you.

Being Irish at the moment puts evey citizen in the unenviable position of being an armchair politician with the final solution to the countries problems being discussed on street corners…in the local shop…in the workplace …in every living room in the land. We are all poticians at this moment in time….in our heads we have the solution. But it is not as easy as it looks to govern the land. It takes certain qualites and knowledge to be able to lassoo the country with one sweep and rescue it from the dung heap of the world.


One thought on “The Politics of Life

  1. Wish I knew a good, honest blessing for you all. What can I say? Keep the faith. So many people are repeating the immigrants from the past and leaving your fair land. We may be lucky here in Canada to have them, but I only hope there’s a solution to the mess those bastards put you in. Here’s to spring and a optimistic new beginning.

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