No Spring Chicken

There was a time when a little bit of flu would be the least of your worries. You’d sniffle it out for a few days ….get your tea and toast and snuggle under the covers. As you progress in age the old joints and tendons creak with the affects of the onset of the influenza. Your body coughs out the badness and your muscles ache with cold and weariness as the virus wracks through your body. Your vision gets blurred and you don’t feel the need to speak for days on end. You curl up at the end of the day in front of the fire feeling a small bit sorry for yourself. Some people would insert “very” in the place of “small bit”.

The hard part for me at the moment is that this now nearly bi-annual attack on my body has interfered with my renewed interest in running. In the last couple of weeks you could have seen me spluttering and coughing through the byways and back roads of mallow town. Slowly but surely I have been trying to increase my fitness levels. I refer back to the initial onset of old age diagnosis when I reveal how difficult it has been. That old saying “You aint gettin’ any younger” seems to crop up in front of me like a “men at work” sign along my lonely wet training runs. All you can do is run past those signs to your final destination. With the long nights slowly creeping in and the weather gradually getting warmer….perhaps the experience will be more enjoyable.

I lay in constant anticipation of the moment when I can finish a long run with a sense of satisfaction. It may not be that far off but like all Everest ascents these moments can always feel as if they are the furthest away and most difficult to reach. I may keep a diary of the runs I do and keep it updated on a regular basis. I try to keep my runs regular…every 2nd day but the bloody flu has knocked this on the head for a few days. The little devil on my shoulder keeps telling me to stay by the fire…you’d be crazy to go out in this cold ….what with a warm fire keeping you nice and toasty……I’d like to think that my Angel has the ability to block out these negative comments and remind me that the fire will welcome you back after your run and it’s not really that cold out anyway!!!!!

That is the one positive thing that I get from running….the ability to challenge your negative self…they are equally the same….the positive and the negative…..but I always feel that the positive is getting the better of its negative brother. Don’t get me wrong….there have been those days when my barometer of life have stayed in the negative…but at the moment big brother has come out to play and it feels good to be alive. All I have to do now is wait for this bloody flu to go. The whole house has had it for what seems like an eternity……coughing and spluttering for weeks…..the whole country seems to have it.


One thought on “No Spring Chicken

  1. I know the feeling all too well! I used to be able to tumble and fold and twist myself into gymnastic knots, now when I go to yoga twice a week, I wonder how I ever managed. Some days I have that same argument with those little guys on my shoulder but good always prevails over evil and I am never regretful for going to class. Never was a good runner, although I wish I could strap on a pair of trainers and run like the wind! Good on ya!

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