What a gift we have been given? The ability to pick up a sound from a distance. Recognition of a fresh sound coming at you from absolutely nothing! An old voice…a familiar song on the radio. The ability to listen and appreciate the beauty of a song and sounds from far off lands. I know some people may not have these abilities but I do and I need to celebrate that I can hear. There is a big difference between a persons ability to listen and therir ability to actually hear. This can be applied to conversation or song. So next time youu feel the urge to tune out of the conversation…..step back and listen ….listen to the ones you love….the songs you love….the places you love….Listen to the silence and the noise within the silence and the power of the silent moment. Feel how it can be more powerful than the loudest of clangs or the annoying noises that fill everyday life.

Everyday life can deliver the most wonderful of sounds and it is my delight and joy to assist you all in this journey……Sit back and listen….Sorry for the long intervals…I was listening for the silence


2 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Funny, how you really can hear nothing. Silence is sacred to me, meaning that I love to be in a quiet place to really listen to things which aren’t usually heard. Confused? Hope I’m making sense! Love this music you’ve chosen. Reminds me a bit of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (from the movie “Once”). Looked at his bio and it turns out Nathaniel will be on tour in these parts in May. A ferry ride to the mainland might be in order! Cheers. By the way Happy St Patricks Day – Erin Go Bragh!

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