I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all sorts of things. Always at this time of year there are those anniversaries that make you contemplate the state of your life. What have you done with yourself up to this point? Are you happy with your progress or has there been any at all? Has your childhood plan been achieved or has it been replaced by a more practical one as time and life experience alter your perceptions? There will always be these questions…..some may never truly be answered and others may be a work in progress till your very last breath. One thing for sure is that I have never been one of those guys to wallow in a pit of self absorbed pity!!! The glass is always half full….sometimes it does slightly slip below the water mark but there is a constant little battle to top it up to happy levels…..otherwise my motor would not run to expected levels of vroom.
This May brings with it memories of last years journey with my father to Spain and our Camino….as I read the old posts I unselfconciously reignite a constant want in me to return to this magical place. It doesn’t matter to me when or how but I know for a fact that I will be there once again puffing and panting up some steep hill wondering to myself why in Gods name brought to this place…..then on the crest of the hill as I take a breather and look back over the rolling hills I suddnly realise to myself that their is a higher power out there and in that moment I am experiencing it…..the power of the Camino. You don’t necessarily have to go to far off lands to get these feelings but it helps to take you out of your comfort zone. Never be happy in your comfort zone. I’ve always felt that a bloody comfort zone is the worst thing that people hang onto. It makes us complacent and lazy. This will be the Summer that I bring my comfort zone with me……pack it nice and tight into the back of the car ….drag it out and show it what its been missing all these years and perhaps there will be a separation between the 2……the comfort will see itself off to be used on occasion while I find myself in altogether different kind of zone.
The first hurdle for me is to regain my fitness levels. I want able to run a marathon in a decent enough time…so next week I have been invited by my youngest brother to partake in a 10km run in Cork City so …who knows what that will make of me. It seems like an insurmountable hurdle but I feel that I have in what it takes to achieve this goal.
Wish me luck everyone. I hope that I will be looking back on this page next year with memories of many races and runs to be proud of.


2 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. I have a small sign pinned up on my studio wall that has the words “comfort zone” in a small circle, and then outside of that circle it says “things that make life more interesting”… It’s always an adventure and an education to try these challenges called ‘travel’!

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