Deepest Sympathy

What do you say to someone when their loved one dies? How do you convey that heartfelt sadness, that sense of loss that accomapanies death? These are the thoughts that I have struggled with for such a long time and I find myself  asking these questions once again when I heard of Kerrys sudden loss of her sister.

There was a time not so long ago when I would have been a regular on Kerry’s pages….sometimes everyday…..her life is so full of wonderful moments and eventful to say the least. Her honesty was a breath of fresh air in a world gone stale. She was also a constant presence on my blog and is a willing contributor to whatever I produced. So it saddens me to witness the loss of her sister at such a young age.

I tried to put myself in Kerry’s shoes…to feel how she would feel…thoughts of my own sister and our relationship…that hidden bond that exists only between siblings…they carry with them an unwritten history that can never be erased….the happy and the sad times…They are the missing jigsaw piece that is needed to complete the puzzle….

Even though I never knew her sister and you could say that I barely know Kerry…..I need to send her this message….I needed to let her know that she is in my thoughts….Even though she is in a far off land, I can still send her my deepest sympathy. Let these words be my form of a gentle hug….a squeeze of the hand….a loving word to a gentle soul. I am so sorry for not being there due to my absence but I want to let you know that you are never far from our thoughts…..


3 thoughts on “Deepest Sympathy

  1. Dear Friend…I was afraid to contact you because I hadn’t heard from you in months…Not wanting to intrude on a life that I have no idea of. Afraid of the reasons for your absence. Thank goodness you’re still out there across the sea. I check to see almost daily if you’ve written any of your brilliant prose…today I was delighted to see a new post and then stopped in my tracks at your so very kind words.
    I have mentioned many times on my blog how I feel kindred to so many who I’ve never met in person. I believe you were the first who I felt such a connection with because of your generous search for my ancestors resting place in your neck of the woods.
    Since the loss of my sister, my blogs are few and far between but I am getting back on track. How time heals and lessens the rawness of pain that seemed like it would never go away. I still struggle with the thought of her gone during my waking hours, but as the days pass by, life does indeed go on.
    I thank you for your words…they mean a great deal to me and I know they are not just words. You have a sister and know the silent bond that no matter what, she is blood and bones of the same making. Nothing ever changes that. I now have a new role in the lives of her daughters and hope to keep her memory alive with them and stories we can all tell to remember Tracy.
    Thank God for the tradition of the Wake…there have been a few now with much good music, laughter, tears and drink.
    Excuse the long winded comment.
    Please keep posting if you can…I do enjoy your writing. Hope you are well…
    All the best to you and your family.

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