A Well Worn Sleeve

I sit in my usual place with the words flowing from my fingertips waiting for them to give meaning to my life and in doing so explain to me the reason behind my absence. I didn’t wake up one morining with the shelves shaking or the ground moving beneath my feet. I don’t live on a crazy faultline. I didn’t fall unexpectedly against a sharp object hitting my head resulting in temporary amnesia. I still have all my faculties…..I think! I didn’t discover some new religion that relinqueshes all things to do with the outside world…..God no!!!

Why did I suddenly stop? Let’s put it this way….I felt that I just needed to. I felt that I was repeating myself.  To be able to write  these letters you need to be totally honest with yourself and the world. You need to be able to wear your heart on your sleeve. This is the way that I have always led my life….an open book. But I felt that my sleeve was getting a little bit worn…practically threadbear. So I just stopped. It wasn’t a sudden decision. I just eased into it and do you know something ….with that decision came a kind of relief.

I needed the break to gather my thoughts and order them. It didn’t do much good really because my head is still a jumble sale of nuggets waiting to be snatched at a moments notice. I was constantly thinking of little stories to tell you all but I had to hold the reigns in a little. What did I do with myself with all this free time off? What do you do in a world gone mad?

At the start of Summer I went to the most wonderful of festivals in Skibbereen with my family and friends. The CorkXSouthwest festival with headliners such as Patti Smith, Echo & the Bunnymen, Peter Hook….all sorts. We had fun times …. …cooking… drinking…. singing….. dancing…..playing….enjoying life!!! For our Official Summer holidays we spent a week in Kerry…the Dingle Peninsuala. A week in the Maharees. The sun and sand and giant waves along with the passage over the Connor Pass to Dingle most days. West Kerry is a magical place to behold with wonderous beauty that changes with the passing weather each day.

Another week was spent in Courtmacsherry with my family….Clodaghs Birthday is always celebrated in Courtmacsherry with all her cousins singing that famous song.

Happy 8th Birthday Clodagh


Ready for the Kiddes Disco



One thought on “A Well Worn Sleeve

  1. What a lovely birthday photo…Clodagh is the same age as Tracy’s youngest Stephanie…a good year for girls it was! It’s so important for cousins to know each other and have those memories of certain times of the year when it’s a given that they will get to hang out together.
    Lucky you to have tripped around the Dingle Peninsula…truly one of my favorite places on earth!

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