Soft Wax

Ireland is such a wonderful place….a constant flux and change….everchanging and mutating so quickly and Ireland is you and Ireland is me and we must envelop it with gusto to keep it alive!!


3 thoughts on “Soft Wax

  1. I keep it alive in my heart and soul! Something, somewhere just about everyday reminds me of your beautiful land…today it was the clouds. When they’re big and puffy in a blue sky, it reminds me of the coast of Galway and the skies above Dingle and Slea Head. Rave On!

  2. The whole world is changing, Europe is in turmoil or so it seems but I do hope the Ireland that I dream of stays intact.

    I am enjoying reading your blog, I came here via Farmlass but I see you know some of my friends already, Rima (The Hermitage) and Ciara (Milkmoon), small world.

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