My brother and I will be going to a gig in Cyprus Avenue on the 19th of this month. This is what I would consider a long awaited event in my increasingly mundane life. The band…Clap your hand’s say Yeah….a band that my brother absolutely loves and by default I suppose will also have to love with the same vigour. What is an event in my life, lately? Anything that doesn’t involve the usual chore of life. For those of you who may have had some interest in these pages over the last few years you probably understand my passion for the gig. Especially bands that I have not seen before or who may surprise.
Now that I am working and pulling in a wage I can kind of justify this little expedition with my loving brother. Maybe it will be one of those look back through tinted glasses gigs. The last gig I went to at this venue turned out to be one of the best gigs that I had the pleasure of attending. A surreal experience with manic fans jumping around with an “I can’t believe I’m here” look on their face!….I have discussed this gig on other pages so stop repeating yourself.
Do you know the way I’m always on about the state of flux thing…well this is definitely one of those periods in my life so hopefully it will end up with a happy ending. Not like one of those Time Tunnel epsiodes I watched as a kid with the main characters floating through the version of a wormhole as depicted by 1960’s TV producers. That funny stationary movement that finds them in a parrallel world surrounded by bombs going boom at their feet just as they arrive at their unknown destination. But hey….doesn’t it always work out for them in the end….just like my wormhole version of a life…….but without the swirling black and white vortex!!!!!
Every month I will be writing a post. Just to keep the cobwebs from overcoming these pages. So keep the comments coming and maybe I will put up another post before february!!!
Now I will leave you with a taste of my upcoming event!!! Happy January everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Clap your Hands say Yeah!!


One thought on “January

  1. Hello! Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle… yes, these little excursions are good for the body and soul.
    We were walking down musical memory lane on New Years eve, recalling the good ,the bad and the downright ugly gigs we’ve seen in the past but all of them having one thing in common…to have been there. Yup…livin’ in the moment. What we need to do more of. Hope you have a crackin’ good time!

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