Steady as She Goes!!

Even though I have been away from these pages that does not mean I am not present and willing to contribute. Tonight I was checking my stats and low and behold wasn’t the 17th December 2012 my busiest day ever on these pages. I cannot account for this traffic as this was a considerably quiet period in my writing career so far. To say the least I am shocked by this considerable presence on these pages.

Stats are important to me….not the be all but it is always nice to know some people are calling to say hello. I know there are some of you who may sniff at my pitiful stats but lets say….quality rather than quantity. So let this be a thank you to you all for your visit. I know we all go through moments of doubt in our blogging and this is for me the spur to keep my gallop steady as she goes!!!!


One thought on “Steady as She Goes!!

  1. Hold tight to the reins…you never know whats around the bend! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…keep on writing, you do it so well.

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