Kitchen Observations

A few days off work can do wonders for the soul. The last few months have seen me away from these pages by my own choice. Maybe I’ve had writers block or something but I couldn’t find the gumption to sit down and write something. There was a time when you couldn’t drag me away from it. The guff that came out of me was no ones business. It was a source of great release for me to be able to sit down and let rip. I have recommended it to so many people to do the same but as far as I know there have been no takers so far. To be able to sit down for most people and lay down their personal thoughts for all to read is a lot different than facebook or twitter.
Blogging is a deeper journey into the self that can end up with an unknown destination at journeys end. I have found that for most of my posts I would sit down and start typing with no real agenda or theme and end up on numerous tangents. I have often sat down and read past posts and questioned whether or not if I had written them at all. I have wondered on finishing how in Gods name I have come up with such prose or dribble in some cases. That is why it is still important to me to be able to return again and again to keep track…….to be able to return in a few years to ask the question! “What was I up to in the year 2012? Where was I at in my head?”
The majority of my posts have been observational… questions on our lives….questions on love and questions on what lies in store for the future.
It is always around this time of year that I start planning my Summer ahead but this year is different due to family circumstances. Niamhs mother and father have had a tough year with regard to their health. Her mother has been recieving ongoing chemotherapy for the last few months and is dealing very well with her diagnosis. Her father has seen himself in and out of hospital due to vascular problems and unfortunately has had to get his left leg amputated below the knee nearly 6 weeks ago now. Previous to this he has had to get his right toe amputated because of the same issue. I know this may seem like a heavy load to carry and it is but the most important result of all these weighty issues is that they are still here on this earth. Niamhs mother has always had the most cheery of dispositions and would frustrate the most depressed people with her cheeriness. Her father is the antithesis of her mother with a sombre crankiness that has been developed carefully with time. But one thing must be said for all this crankiness….I have never seen a man endure such almihty pain prior to his amputation…his foot was practically gangerous! I can never remember him give out or complain about his lot….and this is a man who knows how to give out…..but through all his horrible journey up until the amputation he has accepted his lot with dignity and great resignation. Now he is confined to a wheelchair until a prosthesis can hopefully be fitted……this is man who has worked outdoors for most of his life. One silver lining is that he is no longer in terrible pain…..a pain that one can only imagine!!!
The journey is not over by a long shot but in the meantime I would love to head off even for a weekend to escape for a short break and as it happen my lovely wife won 2 tickets to the Westport Music and Arts fetival at the end of this month….so yippee.
I will look forwrd with glee to this event and hopefully a good time will be had by all. We are taking the 2 girls with us on this little expedition to see some fantastic music and bands…I will try to keep a recrd of this event on these pages.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Observations

  1. Hello stranger! I had to do a double take to make sure it was you writing. Oh the troubles and trials of life…hopefully (and it sounds like it) with family and faith your kin will get through this. Sounds like you all need a few laughs and jigs in your life right now…have a fantastic time on your getaway…all the very best to you and your family.

  2. p.s just read of the lineup for the festival…wow! Imelda May, Macy Gray, Jools Holland, Ray Davies, The Dubliners!! Something for everyone…sounds like a great gig!

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