The West’s Awake

When Clodagh was a little lass she started watching one of those free dvd’s that you get with the Sunday papers. The movie was that classic Irish tale of 2 young traveller’s who embark on a journey from Dublin to the west on a sort of mission to seek their fate in the company of a beautiful white horse. The movie was “Into the West” and she must have watched it a thousand times. She knew all those famous sayings that were synonomous with the movie and by default I was also subjected to repeated showings of the parts she liked most in order to memorise the script… wasn’t the worst movie ever made but it had to be shown for a quiet life. She absolutely got lost in the intricasies of the plot and became part of the long journey that the 2 heroes took upon themselves across Ireland.
That is why it is ironic, for want of a better term, that I find myself working in Tuam….in the aforementioned west of Ireland. I am now working and living in the West….who’d have thought it….I now am living proof that the twists and turns of your own journey can never be predicted or foretold! One moment I am working in a call centre earning minimum wage and then….Eureka…. a dream job doing what I was trained for!!!! This is my second week in this town and slowly I am finding my feet. Why am I here? Why did I make this move? When you get an offer you can’t refuse you must snap it up. When a job offer like this comes along you have no other choice and now I am working here and renting a room with 2 others on the outskirts of the town. My lovely family have remained in Mallow with tears in their eyes but those tears of sadness will soon turn to ones of happiness when my increased pay alleviates some of the hardships that we have endured over the last few months. Money makes a world of difference  and if that crock of gold happens to lay in Tuam….how bad!!
Living in someone elses house is something I have never done before but so far it has been pretty ok….but it is early days yet! Poor Niamh has been abandoned for 5  days and is leading a single mothers life….maybe my shift will change to weekends 3 days a week which will enable me to spend more time at home in Mallow…who knows?
Now my life has changed considerably for the foreseeable future I will have to blog more about it. This will be my outlet…my conscience…my diary of sorts along with all the usual observations!! I’m looking forward to making my own journey into the west……wish me luck!!!


One thought on “The West’s Awake

  1. Well that’s a post worth waiting for…congrats on the new job! They say money doesn’t buy you happiness but it sure can give you a few more choices in life on the road to happiness. Too bad your family can’t be there all the time but I’m sure things will come about in a good way because of your good fortune…by the way, my daughter loved the film “Into the West” as well and still dreams of white horses riding in the lift! All the best.

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