Forty…..all aboard!!!

Nobody really believes that time will eventually catch up with you and grab you by the scruff o the neck…..I suppose it’s inevitable and a good marker  of the inevitable is your 40th birthday.
What is 40 anyway….. only a number!! It’s the amount of days and nights that Jesus needed to sort himself out….it’s the 2nd track off the album that barely made the charts……all aboard, we’re halfway to 80….my mam and dad had me when they were 40! Mr Babba felt he needed enough thieves in his rabble and if you add another 10 to it you’ll have enough ways to leave the love of your life.
A cliche may be easy to hide behind when this birthday comes knocking. I can hear the rattle of the shiny brass knocker. I can hear my footsteps as I slowly walk down the hall to answer this caller. I glance at the walls of favourite pictures that have ingrained themselves onto my memory and wonder what or whom lies behind this creaking door. The stained glass window reveals probable  glimpses of my future life and what is in store for me…..will i open it sharply with a welcome smile and a hug as if an old friend had popped  round or shall I prop it slightly ajar and ask for credentials. “Are you sure you have the right address?”… would be worth a try I suppose!!!
This is a day for which I have been preparing all my life but like all birthday ultimatums in your head….we never come up chumps….what about all those small goals you have promised yourself ticked off the list by a certain age. Surely….40…..yes…..that’s when the good life starts. It can only get better from here on in? I think back to my earlier birthdays with thoughts of what or where I would be at 40……
Maybe I might push it to 50. I wonder does my father push his life list to his 90th….What more can you achieve really…only to live a good life and you alone are the best  judge of what you have achieved  in life. When you reach 40 people expect more of you….why  ….because you’re forty years of age for gods sake!!!
I find myself doing mini service checks on my body to reveal leaking gaskets and stiff ball joints. I constantly remind myself that in a few years I might not be able to achieve certain goals so buck up now boy. At least I feel and think like the younger version of myself…but being the nostalgic fellow that  I am I just sit in awe at how the last 40 years have slipped by in a blink….20 years ago doesn’t  feel that long ago when you’re forty but at 18 it seems like an eternity.
Happy 40th……me!!!!


2 thoughts on “Forty…..all aboard!!!

  1. Well Happy Birthday! Wait till you get to 50! I keep thinking I’m somewhere around 37 and then my hip and back remind me of the truth of it all… I also realize that I have a 32 year old daughter…how did that happen? just remember, you may grow old but you can stay immature forever!

  2. Well that about sums it up for all of us! Where did the time go!!! Remember the days of the Brog and Gorby’s That only seems like yesterday! Look what we have achieved since then!!

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