Tolkien Tales

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”…..

As a teenager I had the fortune to be able to read “The Hobbit”… brother always had a book in his hand and even though I wasn’t as voracious a reader as he was, it led me to read some of his leftovers and this book was one which had a profound affect. To me it was just another book but as many people have found out…..this is not the case. It envelopes you with its simple story and takes you on a journey like no other. My books and folders from school had sketches of dragons and little snippets of hobbit lore on them….to be able to enter another world and lose yourself in its intricacies at such an impressionable age was fortunate  for me. For some reason that I cannot explain I never got to read the sequel book. ..”The Lord of the Rings”….I got through the 1st book but lost interest…….until Now!!!
This great book has many twists and turns and is detailed in its message and content. The author was not happy with a sweeping brush for a simple embellishment of his prose….he had a hidden message for all who read these words and the readers interpitation of it needed to be aided by each inflection…each intricate description….this was essential in drawing the reader to participate in the journey to the very last page. It was a story magnificently told, with every kind of colour and movement and greatness.
Now I have endless hours to finish reading this well overdue deed. It can be a daunting task to finish such a book, but let me remind you of a guy who sat next to me on the phones for a few months who had read the book 10 times….Brendan was a student of philosophy doing his masters in an ancient form of thinking. He always carried a satchel with a small selection of books and a large umbrella to work. He only travelled by bus so these were essential tools for a weary traveller. I’ll never forget his way with words and the way he would spell out words for the customers using the r for roger….y for Yankee…..L for lima method with a smirk on his face. The endless crosswords we helped each other with in between the litany of calls helped to speed up the day. I wonder did he succeed in getting the required amount of tutorials in order to fund his frugal lifestyle. He always seemed resigned to the fact that he would never make a success as a philosopher with the only advantage being that he would never be stuck for the correct word in a sticky situation!!! Just one of the many interesting & quirky sorts that passed my way during that period. Now I will use my time wisely to finish this great novel and try to grasp some meaning from its pages. …perhaps I will reread it again some time in the future. I must buy The Hobbit again and get the girls to read it to see what they make of it. Now it is my turn to get the lost amongst the pages and forget about my everyday life…….to go from the shire to the realms of Middle Earth and onwards to the Cracks of Doom…..


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