Sunlight in my Eyes

The magical, almost angelic light fall at this time of year gets me all tingly and broody. Sneaking up on you in your weakest moments, it can awaken a renewed interest in life that seemed to be fading with the darker mornings and evenings. It can happen when you sit in your favourite chair or when you glance out the window before you head out the door. An array of new colours grab you by the scruff of the neck to help you appreciate the changing season.
These are ongoing changes that are omnipresent in our lives and sometimes they can mirror sudden changes that you may be experiencing. Letting you in on a secret “Nothing stays the same”….
As I help my girls with their homework I remember my school-days fondly or fearfully….depending on which tyrant was at the helm. One part of the curriculum that I always remember is the teaching of the changing seasons…the nature table….the books with chimneys billowing smoke at different angles to indicate the strength of winds throughout the year. The Autumn for us always meant the climbing of gates and high walls to climb into the Presentation Brothers in Greenmount. They had the more mature chestnut trees in our neighbourhood and with strong wind came the shiniest of chestnuts just lying there for the taking!!!!
Every youngfella in our area had a prize collection of conkers that were hung by the end of an old bootlace to be slung at competitors in school during break times. The last conker standing was dictated by the technique with which you swung your chestnut or by how long you roasted them by the fire!!!


2 thoughts on “Sunlight in my Eyes

  1. Funny how this time of year can be so reflective of the past. New school clothes, walks through the leaves, adventures into a new chapter of life.
    Nesting instincts take hold and turning inward is omnipresent.
    We never played the game of conkers….sounds a bit painful!

    • The smell of the chestnuts is what I loved the most and still do. You should try a game at home. It’s good fun. Apologies about the spelling. Sent by mistake before a spell check.

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