The List

I tend to make lists for all sorts of things in my everyday life. From shopping to bands I like to the things that need to be done around the house. You know the boring run of the mill ones that you find stuffed into your coat pockets weeks later. You scratch your head and wonder what or where did that come from. The list will always be dictated by budget or realistic goals that are automatically set in your head. Some lists will never see the light of day but others will be gradually ticked off in an often random manner….”Climb Mount Everest”….”I’ll skip that on e till next week”!!!!

My kids have there lists well and truly made out for Christmas for Santa Claus. They know exactly what they want and are not afraid to add to it whenever a better option pops up. No problem. Santa always delivers!! I wish I could be so forthcoming with my list….sitting down in front of the fire thinking about what is needed just for you…no outside influences. By Hell or high water you could say…this is the year I’m going to go all out…hell for leather…this is the year of me…I’m worth it!!!

I know I’ve already done a request for these types of lists in previous blogs….but were they realistic or feasible and when you stood back to have a peruse over your 500 page list, did you realise that it was all about you and nothing for the rest of the slobs in your life. Or what about the ones who have nothing at all….

I was never really one for giving to charity unless I knew exactly where the money was going to. Some charities you just know the money will help in some way but others are corrupt to the core and evidence has proven that to be the case only recently in Ireland with the CRC charity being syphoned by top executives….sorry state of affairs!!!

I seem to be taken away from my flow of writing every now and again as I’m writing this page and the original thought that I had has gone completely out of my head. A few more days to Christmas…I do hope all goes well for everyone…no arguments or overcooked turkeys or too much snow or not enough good movies or hangovers!!! All I ever want for Christmas is for it to pass me by in a blink. To be able to relax for a few hours without any interruptions is all I need to fill my list….complete relaxation…AAAhhhh!!!


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