Weekend in Heaven

Cape Clear Campsite

Camping with the kids on an Island off the coast of Cork is fantastic when you have the sunshine we experienced over this weekend. Cape Clear island is an oasis just 40 minutes on the ferry from Baltimore. It’s one of those places that seems to have been lost in time..stone buildings converted into pubs….old cars with bumpers hanging off them….no tax or insurance on this island. Even getting the ferry feels like a voyage into the unknown….choppy waters….looks of fear from the passengers replaced with a gradual bravado as the journey progresses. Landing ashore with all your baggage…the walk to the campsite in the most wonderful surroundings overlooking a secluded bay with the sunlight twinkling on the waters. This campsite is kind of unique due to the new addition of yurts and teepees that can be rented out for the weekend.
We roughed it a bit….by that I mean we brought our own tent along with blow up beds and a small bit of comfort. The weather completed the equation….hot hot hot…..perfect for swimming off the pier and to just balm around while you sup on a few beers while the kids get acquainted with their new found friends. This part of Ireland is a hidden treasure…a gaeltacht area where kids run around spouting bits of irish and the locals welcome you with a smile and a nod. If Ireland had weather like this…there would be no such thing as a flight to Spain or Lanzarote. This is what all Irish people should be doing over the onset of Summer….give a bit back to those out of way areas that depend on the tourists. Keep rural Ireland abuzz while spending a few bob ….buy the kids ice creams…have dinner in the sunshine….chat with the locals …soak up the atmosphere of the place…..let your imagination let fly….walk around and just have a bit of fun. Thats exactly what we did this weekend and boy did we enjoy our lot. Must get some of the snaps on for you all to see….only got back home this afternoon….wrecked from driving and glad to see my own bed. Check out the cape clear camsite to see these magnificent yurts and teepees……a definite on my list of things to do this Summer…..luxury in a tent …who would have thought of it!!!!


One thought on “Weekend in Heaven

  1. Well at least it’s summer SOMEWHERE! I keep feeling like its February and everyone else has gone to Mexico…It’s June and my skin has yet to be browned or even seen the sun for that matter! Will have to put this place on my list when I go back to Eire…seems weird to see yurts and teepees on the Cork coast! Sounds like a lovely mini holiday…

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